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Founder and owner Bill Crawford, started what would become New England Apiaries in 2005 at only 15 years old. After graduating from the Hampden County Beekeepers Association Bee School, his parents purchased him his first beehive. What started as a humble hobby has since grown into the largest migratory beekeeping operation in Western New England.

In 2007, Bill started selling his surplus packed honey out of his backpack in school and at the produce farm he then worked at in Westfeld under the name "Billy C's Raw Honey".  Since then, his bee business was operated under the name "Pioneer Valley Apiary", and in 2012, while starting to gather a larger vision for his business, started to do some business as New England Apiaries.  Bill’s biology background, beekeeping expertise, and natural business sense have helped lead him towards pursuing the American dream.   












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