Cancellations, Refunds, and Queen Replacement Policies

As of 03/01/2022

We will issue refunds in full to bee orders canceled 14 or more days from the original anticipated pick-up date of the bees ordered.   Cancellations made less than 14 days before the original pick-up date will be subject to a refund, minus 15% of the order’s cost.

Queen Replacement Policy

For packaged bees:

We will replace a queen if the queen in your package died inside the cage up to 1 week after the pick-up date.  You should present your dead queen in the queen cage when exchanging for a new queen.    

Packaged bees do run the risk of not having their queen accepted, in order to keep our prices competitive, we do not provide a free replacement if the queen is not accepted.  However, if you will contact us within 7 days, we will be able to sell you a queen at a discounted rate.

For Nucs:

Nucs should come with a queen that is already laying.  If you find that your nuc is queenless, or has gone queenless in the first 10 days for a reason other than swarming, please contact us right away.   For nucs, we may elect to replace your whole nuc, or give you a replacement queen.  All issues must be reported within 10 days to get any replacement free of charge.

For Queens Purchased:

When you purchase a queen from us, we will verify that the queen is indeed alive and well at the time of sale.  All queen sales are final. Once you leave, we will not replace nor exchange the queen.   We highly recommend you keep the queen at room temperature and out of the sun. The queen should be installed as soon as possible.

Thermal Damaged Packages and Nucs

The bees sent home with the consumer are alive and well at the time they receive them. The health and well-being of the bees during their transportation to their new hives is the responsibility of the consumer.    It is important that the bees are placed in an environment where they will not overheat or freeze on the way home.   New England Apiaries, LLC. is not responsible for bees that die as a result of thermal damage, and if an overheating or a freezing incident occurs, a replacement will not be given.  Sometimes we may have extra bees that we could sell to replace the loss, but one might have to wait until the next round of bee distribution to get more bees.

Sale items

Only regular-priced items may be refunded. Sale items cannot be refunded.


All queens, packages, and nucs, given as a replacement, will be considered the final remedy of NEW ENGLAND APIARIES, LLC.  We do not guarantee replacements in perpetuity as for their success, and replacements will not be replaced.  Remember, bees are wild animals.  While we will do our best to get you started right, nature and beekeeping skilled combined dictates outcomes.



We do not ship.  All products ordered will need to be picked up.

Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.