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5 Frame NUC Colonies

To order 25 or more nuc colonies reach out to Bill at (413) 454-8403.

Our quality 5 Frame* nucs are what we are known for. They consist of brood, food stores, a laying queen, and thousands upon thousands of bees. The April nucs are made up in Georgia in March, during the Ti-Ti honey flow which allows the nuc to develop in optimal conditions. While the bees themselves, hold most of the vote on what each frame contains, they generally, at a minimum contain 2-3 frames of brood and 1-2 frames of honey.

Previous to you picking up you bees, they are inspected by the Massachusetts Apiary Inspectors to ensure they are free from serious contagious diseases. We also guarantee our queens for two weeks after you pick up your bees so that you have an opportunity to install your nuc and make your first inspection. If at that point there is a queen issue, promptly contact us to have your queen replaced. And while the nuc comes with frames of honey as feed for the bees, it is essential that your provide sugar syrup feed to your bees after they have been transferred into their new home to stimulate their growth. The bees should be fed on a weekly basis to help ensure you have a full hive of bees in a matter of weeks.

*One frame may consist of an empty frame or an unused drawn frame.

Pickup will be at 18 Klaus Anderson Rd, Southwick, MA.

Pick Up date is subject to change depending on the weather. An email will be sent days before pickup with final details and times.


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