Queen Bees

As a commercial beekeeping operation, we generally have a steady flow of queens available through most of the season. While we generally use Italians Queens for our stock, we keep a fair mix of Saskatraz Queens in our operation as well. We are often able to spare some queens to sell from our “for use inventory” for our neighbor beekeepers. Please call for availability. Prices vary depending on what we have available.

All Retail Queen Sales Are Pick Up Only

Beginning in late May 2020 we have started our own mini queen rearing operation with 144 mating nucs. We will be able to offer Northern Bred Queens from proven multi-year survivor stock throughout the majority of the late Spring and Summer. We also have wholesale pricing available for orders over 25 queens.

Queen Policy

Do to the many variables involved with transportation, storage, and colony conditions a queen may experience after it leaves our property, we cannot guarantee any queen or queen acceptance with few exceptions.   Please inspect your queens before you leave. Wholesale orders will get 1 free queen for every 25 queens purchased.

queen bees