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Local honey from beehives throughout New England and New York

New England Apiaries and Billy C's Raw Honey started as a hobby with 1 hive in 2005, when Bill was 15 and his father brought home an advertisement for a "bee school" that was being put on by a local beekeepers club. That flyer, served as the catalyst for what was to become New England Apiaries. Bill Crawford now runs a commercial beekeeping operation with over 1000 colonies, providing pollination services to a variety of fruit and produce farmers throughout the area and as far away as California, Ohio, and Georgia as well as producing their famous Local Raw Honey in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York..

While still based out of Westfield, MA, Bill seasonally moves his beehives on the back of tractor trailers to Southern Georgia every December to spend the winter making nucleous colonies, splits (new colonies) to replace the hives that have died the previous year, and to prepare bees for the long journey to pollinate almond trees in California, along with Georgia blueberries. Bill, along with his family, and their bees, return to Massachusetts in the month of April in preparation of providing pollination services around New England and to make what they are primarily known for, Billy C's Raw Honey!


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